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And, from the same issue, a sweet review of the Sheglank'd flexi:

Sheglank'd Shoulders Reviews:

Exlcaim Magazine - November 2008

Sheglank'd Shoulders - The Final Grind
By Ty Trumbull
The three songs contained on this seven-inch are powerful examples of ’80s skate punk filtered through more contemporary ears. While it’s easy to see the influences of the Adolescents and JFA, there is a modern sound that prevents The Final Grind from sounding like a throwback record. The lyrics to songs like “Energy Bomb” may seem a little puerile but the anger and energy more than make up for it. The strangest part about this disc is the final number, “I Don’t Like You,” which is a Screwdriver cover. The liner notes state: “all songs by Sheglank’d Shoulders except ‘I Don’t Like You’ (originally by some Nazi fuckheads)” and the label’s website points out the humour in a Jewish punk rocker singing a song originally by a white power band, so take that for what you will. The three tracks contain more speed, distortion and angst than most of the records coming out these days and that’s been something sorely missing from the punk rock landscape of late. These guys aren’t just rehashing the past, they’ve studied it, know it and play it with all the reckless abandon of four guys who actually love it.

Skin, Brains & Guts issue #1 - October 2008

Sheglank'd Shoulders - The Final Grind 7"
This three-track 7" serves as Sheglank'd Shoulders' swan-song, the band breaking up last year due to Wolfgang T. Depression's leaving of town. Accurately self-proclaimed to be Calgary's Kings of Skate Rock, the band sounds totally inspired on this record, all songs kicking serious ass and made all the more exciting by a quality recording and a great layout. I was pleased to find that two of the three songs have awesome guitar solos as I always knew that Wolfgang could rip those if he wanted to. It was also nice to hear a cover of Skrewdriver's (diplomatically denoted as "some nazi fuckheads") "I Don't Like You" which Izzo and the Diabetics used to perform under the genius moniker, "Lorie Matheson's Cock." A true bright-spot of the Calgary Punk scene, and the pinnacle of Calgary's panther-core skate-oi scene, Sheglank'd's breakup is too bad, but The Final Grind serves as a satisfying epitaph

Maximumrocknroll - issue 306 - November 2008

Snotty street punk'n' roll outta Calgary, Canada. Decent energy and drive on this disc. Two originals and a song by "Some Nazi fuckheads" as quoted on the lyric sheet. Funny you would call SKREWDRIVER "Nazi fuckheads" yet cover their song. (MS)

Razorcake Magazine

I really hope the title of this single doesn’t signal the end of one of Canada’s best skate punk bands. Sheglank’d Shoulders bring three rockers to the party this time with the A-side being the title track to their last disc, and the flip side sporting another ode to energy drinks and a Skrewdriver cover. Now before you get your hackles, up I’ll quote the liner notes “All songs by Sheglank’d Shoulders except “I Don’t Like You” (originally by some Nazi fuckheads). Somehow the thought of a spastic, Jewish punk rocker singing this makes me smile. At any rate, I’ll be plenty pissed off if this is the final release from these guys.
–Ty Stranglehold

I’ve been blessed with some amazing skate rock this time around. First of all, you need to watch the classic Powell Peralta video The Search for Animal Chin in order to understand the band’s name. Now that’s taken care of, it’s time to rock out. Sheglank’d Shoulders are a skate rock band in the purest form. Yes, every song on Endless Grind is about skating and its many facets. From the amazing ups of “Skateboard Hooligans” (the first skateboard oi song I’ve ever heard) and “Paradise Is an Empty Skatepark,” to the tragic lows of “Flatspot Hell,” and “Too Twanked to Skate,” these boys rip it up. Anything on this disc would fit in on Thrasher Magazine’s hallowed Skate Rock compilation series. Calgary has a rich heritage in skate rock and I’m happy to report that Sheglank’d Shoulders are representing nicely. Now shut up and skate!
–Ty Stranglehold

Exclaim Magazine, April 2006

Sheglank’d Shoulders
Endless Grind
By Keith Carman

Every once in a while, a band comes around that refuse to don the “don’t give a shit” vibe because they really don’t give a shit. They play loud music, get wasted and are in a band to have fun, not score chicks or get rich tryin’. It’s called “putting the music first.” Or at least a strong second behind some 40-pounders like recent thrash metal saviours Municipal Waste have proven. Their gutter punk equivalent/brethren, Sheglank’d Shoulders would rather sport a longboard than a Flying V but still feel it, as these 14 paeans to the life of skateboarding and overindulgence of fermented hops clearly prove. Delivering a direct crossover hit from the liberty-spiked side of the gap, essences of D.R.I., early Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag are about as subtle as a fart on a church pew and no less entertaining. So is the band’s mantra, given song titles including “Paradise Is An Empty Skatepark,” “Kings and a Curb” and “Stop Bitchin’ and Skate.” This reckless, carefree attitude encompasses the whole album, becoming infectious and even a touch intimidating…why can’t all bands be like that? Simple albeit just shy of dumb, energetic without hitting overzealous and foregoing frolic for outright fun, Endless Grind should be the soundtrack to every half-pipe session.

Equalizing Distort, Vol.7 Issue 1

7 stars out of 10
These skateboard hooligans from Calgary pull together a pretty fuckin’ decent skate-core release drawing on influences like AGRESSION, STALAG 13, the ZERO BOYS, and the ADOLESCENTS. At times the band reminds me of HATED YOUTH, at times they remind me of the DAYGLO ABORTIONS, and most of the other times they remind me the STRETCH MARKS. “Flatspot Hell” starts off with a bass line right out of the DAYGLOS “Dogfarts”. And “Longboard / Short Dick” could rival HATED YOUTH’s “Hardcore Rules” as one of the most inspired songs of all time. The band sings about nothing but skating and it is pretty entertaining. Take ILL REPUTE and cross it with early DAYGLOS and SHEGLAN’D SHOULDERS is what you’ll get.

Thrasher Magazine's "Notes From The Underground", Feb 2007

Holy shit, one look at the cover and I had the feeling I was looking at a Canadian band. I opened up the CD case and my suspicions were reinforced, and then confirmed as I read more. How did I know? Am I psychic? Nope NOPE - Nowhere On Planet Earth, but the look and the sound are there, straight out of mid-'80s skate punk, in the finest sense. The band's name is Sheglank'd Shoulders, kind of stupid, but straight outta the Animal Chin video and in the tradition of bands that go back to Beyond Possession (another Canadian gem), the Stupids, the Faction, etc. The name of the CD is Endless Grind (on Handsome Dan Records). Every single song except one is about skating, and it's up tempo, thrashy skate punk. Some of the songs are pretty hilarious, including a song that asks, "What the fuck happened to Frankie Hill?" Others are about flatspots, skate trips, being too hurt to skate, and the crowning jewel, "Longboard/Short Dick." I have the feeling that these guys' shows would be a blast ...

Nerve Magazine - Oct 2006

Sheglank’d Shoulders - Endless Grind
Ah, yes, Sheglank’d Shoulders is speedy, skatepunk played with attitude and zeal. My girlfriend pointed out that guitar player Dan not only runs the label, but is also in another band called the Motherfuckers. For me, Sheglank’d Shoulders works better than the Motherfuckers and the songs are catchier, harder to forget. With song titles like “Too Twanked to Skate” and “King of Hangovers,” how can you go wrong? Even works for us posers who can’t skate.
- Chris Walter

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Motherfuckers Reviews

Exclaim Magazine - Novemer 2008

Motherfuckers - I Wanna Be A cop... So I Can Fuck You Up
by Keith Carman
Motherfuckers easily pack so much attitude, crap and corruption onto one little slab of seven-inch vinyl that it’s scary. Yet again, the Calgary-based outfit tear through six pieces of crusty gutter punk, including “Living In Fear,” “Fish Fucking,” “Kill My Boss” and the title track with gusto. Still revelling in their D.R.I., Minor Threat and Misfits albums, yet more recently comparable to the likes of the Casualties, Krum Bums and other Mohican-sporting squeegee kids, these tasteless goons would make the Ripcordz and Dayglo Abortions wonder how some bands could be so disturbingly sullied.

Maximumrocknroll - issue 306 - November 2008

MOTHERFUCKERS - "I Wanna Be A Cop... So I can Fuck You Up!!" EP
Their label says they are Calgary's oldest and ugliest band, and with a cartoon of a cop ass searching a punk rock skater, what's not to like? Nothing special here, just meat 'n' taters bar punk. Six songs about being punk (I think, no lyrics) and living your life outside the rules, man. Fast and tight and almost street punk at times (the backing vocals give it that feel I think). File this one with BAR FEEDERS, PORTRAIT OF POVERTY, SUBMACHINE, and the like. (WN)

Skin, Brains & Guts issue #1 - October 2008

Mother Fuckers - I Want to Be A Cop... So I Can Fuck You Up!! 7"
My opinion of MOTHERFUCKERS releases had always been that every effort is better than the one that preceded it. 2002's If it Ain't Puke, It Ain't Punk was fun enough, but 2005's Classless Society was really quite enjoyable with some classic anthems ("Enduring Freedom" and "Punk Like Skabby" come to mind). The new songs on 2007's The Mother of All Fuckers were even better and now it's 2008 and I'm trying really hard to like I Want to be a Cop... So I Can Fuck You Up! It's impressive that they've squeezed six songs onto a 45 rpm 7" and I'm quite fond of the hilarious artwork and the puke-colored vinyl. I guess that the song "Kill My Boss" is okay and as always, Izzo's got one of the best punk-punk voices around. I assume that the lyrics are pretty funny as they usually are, but I can't pick very many of them out and there's no lyric sheet to help me out. In the end, if you equate fast punk with good punk and ask very little else, you'll like this 7" but I'd rather listen to anything else by the Motherfuckers.

Razorcake Magazine

MOTHERFUCKERS, THE: I Wanna Be a Cop… So I Can Fuck You up!!: 7”
Here is a new slab of no-holds-barred punk rock out of Calgary. These guys come fast and angry and really make me want to smash things.
I can’t tell what is more disturbing: the cover drawing of the singer getting a cavity search by a cop or the B-side label drawing of said soiled rubber glove! The six tracks on this seven inch make a good soundtrack to any riot or skate session.
–Ty Stranglehold

Maximum Rock n' Roll

THE MOTHERFUCKERS - "The Mother Of All Fuckers" CD
From the name and general impression from the cover I expected terribly generic, obnoxious "fuck you" punk from these guys but instead was treated to some very good hard, up-tempo, catchy punk rock, albeit with a fuck you attitude. Just goes to show - books and their covers and all that... This is a compilation of a few demos and an EP - (The If It Ain't Puke It Ain't Punk EP - yes, remember what we just learned) that came out in 2001. Not sure where they're from but they have a song called "Bomb The Stampede" so I'm guessing Calgary. Maybe that's why I like them, Canadians are just better...who else could get away with having a picture of themselves on the record cover with a mohawk and a moustache and suspenders? (AD)

Nerve Magazine

Motherfuckers - The Mother of All Fuckers
Handsome Dan must be like a shark who will drown if he doesn’t constantly release CD’s, even if it’s a collection of various singles and albums he’s already released. Either way, it’s hard to fault the guy, because this is a large collection of tasty skate-punk and it seems to me that there are a bunch of tracks here I haven’t heard before. Did I lose the press release, or did Mr. Dan not bother to send one? Oh, wait, it says right on the CD, “12 unreleased studio tracks plus the long-out-of print, If It Ain’t Puke It Ain’t Punk.” Well, there you have it, straight from the horses, er, Dan’s mouth. Beat me with a rhythm stick and call me stupid.
- Chris Walter

FFWD Magazine, Dec 2004

Classless Society
Handsome Dan Records
· If it ain’t broke, it ain’t the Motherfuckers.

After spending over a year as a bootleg disc, the new Motherfuckers CD has finally been unleashed upon the city. They must have taken pity on us poor schlubs, because this wasn’t supposed to have been released until 2008. As usual, the Motherfuckers are here to remind us of why we got into punk in the first place – to piss off our mothers and get a damn good hangover in the process. The band’s brand of sarcastic drunk-punk is turned up a notch on their newest offering, which is a definite improvement over their now out-of-print classic debut EP. "Why can’t they be normal?" your parents will scream. "They’re not singing, they’re shouting!" At a time when most bands are concerned with appealing to the likes of the average record buyer, Classless Society is a welcome alternative. For those who are familiar with the band, you’re either gonna love this or hate it. If you like shitty beer, spitting on people and smelly Mohawks, this is up your alley. If you like drinking wine coolers and talking about your feelings while making out at indie-rock parties, you might want to skip this and get the newest Interpol release instead.

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