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SML Movie: Jeffy's Bad Word!

SML | 10:20 | 22,576,077

LANGUAGE WARNING! High use of the word faggot. Mario accidentally says a Bad Word and Jeffy keeps repeating it! Video idea by: GeorgeyPorgey0221

Jeffy - Diarrhea Song

pretty epic name | 00:32 | 69,533

Lyrics:When You're Sittin' In The Bush And You Feel Something Squish -Diarrhea! When You're Sittin' In The Sun And You Feel Something Run -...

Diarrhea Song Chh Chh

John Vancouver | 02:27 | 3,021,420

Just a funny little diarrhea song from childhood days. Voices have been altered to protect the innocent!

Jeffy - Why Music Video

SLL | 01:15 | 64,226,167

Get your Jeffy puppet here -- BUY THE SONG NOW! Jeffy's music video to his hit...

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