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Jaime Yzaga v Pete Sampras USO 1994

Grand Slam Tennis | 05:58 | 2,824

This was a classic five set match at the 1994 US Open. Pete Sampras was struggling physically in the later stages of the match as Jaime Yzaga came...

How to serve (3) - racket speed

Rope Tennis & Golf | 08:55 | 7,167

There are so many types of serve in the world. But unfortunately, few motions of them allowed few Pros players to do strong serve with less effort...

Does Being Tall = Great Serves

Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players | 04:44 | 127,684

Get your FREE membership to ET Academy and IMPROVE your game now: ———————————— Want to start winning tennis matches...

Topspin One-Handed Backhand

Geoffrey Jagdfeld, Racquets Sports Pro | 14:56 | 386

A look at tennis strokes from a bio-mechanical perspective. Models of the strokes are explained and world class players show their individual...

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